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Published on May 8th, 2014 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts refers to the collection of fluid within one or both of the ovaries that surrounded by a very thin wall. Ovarian cysts are common in women of all ages, especially women of childbearing. Most of the ovarian cysts are benign and usually go away on their own without causing any symptoms. But some may cause pain in periods or sex, irregular menstrual cycles, bloating, virginal pain and even infertility. Natural treatment is the best potion since surgery is always risky and expensive. In this article, some effective remedies to get rid of ovarian cysts are discussed.

  1. Heat. If you are experiencing discomfort and pain of ovarian cysts, apply a hot compress to the lower pelvic area. This will reduce the pain and inflammation. Taking a warm shower is an alternative choice that works as well.
  2. Diet. Diet plays a key role in people’s overall heath and diet changes are very effective home remedy for ovarian cysts. First step is to drink plenty of water, which will help to flush toxins in your body and keep you hydrated. The recommended water consumption is 8-10 glasses daily. Keep a diet rich in fiber and whole grains. Avoid foods high in fat and processed foods.  Supply your body with more healthy fat from olive oil, omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids, etc. limit caffeine, smoking and alcohol drinking.
  3. Teas. Many herbal teas can help eliminate diseases in the body and strengthen the immune system. Chamomile Tea, green and white tea are recommended for people with pain and discomfort associated to ovarian cysts, since they can both give the body relaxation and pressure relief.
  4. Other supportive herbs: many herbs can promote hormonal balance by detoxifying the liver since liver can filter excess hormones from the body. Maca root, which contains no hormones itself, is a great fertility herb that helps the body produce progesterone and regains balanced hormonal level. Milk thistle seed is one of the best herbs for a healthy liver. To improve the menstrual cycle, yarrow, tribulus and wild yam root are all good choices.

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