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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Tom


Foods You Eat All the Time That May Poison You

Nowadays, more and more people are taking dietary therapy to lead a healthy life. Indeed, some foods benefit you incredibly, but there is also an unbelievable number of foods you take regularly could ruin your day if not taken carefully. Even worse, they may kill you. Generally, most of thepoisonous foods are veggies, read on and eat them carefully from now on.

1. Apples

We believe that “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Though it’s unlikely that eating the seeds of an apple or two would do much damage to your health, but keeping it up will get yourself in trouble. This is because the enzymes in your body will morph compounds in the seeds into cyanide.

2. Tomatoes

Before the 19 century, most Americans believed that tomatoes were totally poisonous. They thought powdered wigs were good-looking, yet they were some form of right about the masters. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family, which is famous for “poisoning people”since their leaves have toxic tomatine.

3. Potatoes

Green potatoes should be avoided. Not only because they are gross, but they can also poison you for they contain solanine, which will make you puke. Keeping eating them will lead to cardiac arrest, another kind of gross.

4. Cherry

The cherry orchard may be a death trap! If somebody is foolish enough to chew through a bunch of cherry pits and swallow them, he is sure in trouble for the pits are packed with hydrogen cyanide. The good news is that the pit is too thick and hard to swallow and once swallowed, it will come out intact.

5. Wild Almonds

Scientists found that people snacking on almonds through one day eat less at mealtime. The wild almonds are loaded with cyanide and could totally kill you, so may be the reason you eat less is because YOU’RE DEAD. Luckily, we usually eat sweet almonds and wild almonds are not always found around us. But do remember to avoid eating them if you are in the wild and find some green almonds.

6. Kidney Beans

Want to cook a meal to punish someone you hate? Well, prepare the meal with kidney beans and undercook them, which will season your sauce with a toxin named phytohaemagglutinin. So, to be safe, do remember to boil those beans vigorously and the safest way is to get the canned ones.

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