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How to Get Rid of a Stye

Although styes usually go away naturally after 3-4 days, it is very annoying to have eye pain, sting feelings and blurred vision in eyes. This article will provide you with a few simple procedures to ease the discomfort and speed the recovery.

Styes  Causes and symptoms

Styes are small, red lumps caused by the infection of staphylococcal bacteria. It often appears along the lash line, in the inner corner of the eye, or on the upper or lower eyelid. When you have styes you may usually feel redness, tenderness, swelling, and pain in the eye. It is also common to have increased amount of tears, increased sensitivity to light and discomfort when blinking.

Procedures to ease the discomfort

  1. Apply a warm compress. Soak a clean towel in hot water, and put it on your infected eye for about 10 minutes, apply a warm compress 4 times a day which will ease the pain and speed up the recovery as well.
  2. Once you have a stye, wear your glasses instead of contact lenses to prevent further infection.
  3. Leave the stye alone and do not try to squeeze it with your dirty hands, otherwise, your condition will get worse.
  4. Stop wearing Eye Makeup if you are suffering from stye infection.
  5. OTC pain medications or an antibiotic can be used as alternative options to ease the eye pain caused by the bacterial infection.
  6. Practice good hygiene like washing hands frequently (especially before you rubbing your eyes) is important to prevent stye infection and curb it’s spreading.


Go to hospital and see your doctor if there are no signs of improvement.

If necessary, minor surgery may be used to remove the recurring styes.

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