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Beauty Tips For Lips Makeup- Some Secrets And Things You Should Know

Never play up your eyes and your mouth together

Choose one of them. Never both! What you want is a beautiful appearance. You really don’t have to make eyes and mouth compete. So, decide which one you want to play up. Usually, eyes can attract the attention at the first sight. If you want to keep your eyes light, then apply your mouth with a bright color. Before you bright you lips, remember to even out your other skin flaws like dark circles under eyes, rosacea.

A Trick to Keep Lipstick off Teeth

It would be very embarrassed if your teeth have been attached some lips when you smile. Here is a trick to help you keep lipstick off your teeth. Place a finger in your mouth after you Apply Lipstick, and then close your lips around the finger. The excess lipstick will be removed as you pull your finger out. Thus, you can keep lipsticks off your teeth.

Have you “eaten” lipstick?

Many women may have a same doubt. When and where does the lipstick go. Yes, you never leave your lipstick in your cup or other place. Then, where does it go? Right! You eat it. Lipstick ends up in you. It’s a true story that the average woman will consume around 6 pounds of lipstick all her lifetime. Sound amazing? But that’s true. And, it doesn’t matter because the ingredients in lipstick can be broken down by stomach acids. It has no harm for you body.

Are Lip Plumpers really useful?

Many of you may have this confusion. You may skeptical with the effect of lipstick plumbers. But it really works while the effect doesn’t last long. Collagen and hydration can be stimulated and boosted by MaoLip, a traditional lip-plumping ingredient. Some Lip Plumpers  include this ingredient in their formulas. When your lips are moist, it may look fuller. So, some plumbers use ingredients to help your lips retain moisture to give the effect of fuller lips.

Lip glosses and lipsticks: Save or Splurge?

Lips gloss really is being more popular. Then, do it worth your splurge? Actually, lip gloss rarely lasts. You don’t have to splurge on it. Glosses of Nars or Chanel certainly have better color ranges and less stickiness. While, Revlon and L’Oreal glossed are also great. Concerning lipsticks, actually, you can also find a great one in the local drugstore. Of course, they can’t beat the formulations in Dior, Vincent Longo and Chanel.




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