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Are You At Risk of Cake Face? and How to Avoid Cake Face

Have ever seen a girl who wears too much cover up and make up? Yes, you see a fine example of Cake Face. One who slathers too much foundation and concealer on her face will result this pancake and mask-like makeup. How to avoid such failing makeup, to play up your natural beauty? Here are some great tips to help you avoid cake face makeup.

Wear foundation and concealer correctly

You’re not expected to just cover up your whole face with foundation. You only need to Apply Foundation on your uneven spots such as cheeks, the chin and around the nose. Then, dot concealer on the spots ruddy or pimply that doesn’t covered by foundation. The key here is to just cover up foundation on the spots that need it.

Make you skin dewy

As we age, our skin will not be so elastic and moist. The loose of its elasticity and moisture can easily lead to cake face. To avoid cake face, we must try to make our skin as youthful and dewy as possible. Never mean to give your skin more water. It need to be moisturized.

Select the right foundation & concealer

To find a right shade of foundation is really important. Wearing the wrong foundation shade will result in a worst cake face. You can get two shades for ready, a darker one for summer and a lighter one for winter. In spring and fall, mix the two. In this way, you can make the foundation blend with your skin color seamlessly. You can go place like Sephora for foundation, where the expert can give your some advice. Some drugstores like Rite Aid have liberal return policies also are good choice. You can return the products that not right for you.

A sheer liquid foundation is recommended for dry skin. To keep skin hydrated and moisturized the whole day is very important for a dry skin. You can spray mineral water on face or dot a bit of moisturizer on cakey spots. While if you have oily skin, an oil0free tined moisturizer or foundation is suitable. And to remember blot your skin with blotting paper as the day goes on.

Foundation Primer is important

To apply a foundation firstly before you cover up your face with foundation can create a barrier between the foundation and you skin, which is a key to perfect your skin tone. After applying the foundation primer, you foundation can glide on smoothly, because the primer can settle in your pores, evens over pimples and fine wrinkles and lines. You can use moisturizer instead, if you don’t own a primer.

Accept your freckles

Don’t try to cover up your freckles with foundation. You may result in cake face and find that your freckles are still visible. Try to accept them and don’t feel disgraceful about your freckles. You may find they won’t influence your beauty if you try to embrace them.



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