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A Brief History of Spa

Where is the word “spa” originated from? There is no definite answer. Two theories are provided.

Some people believed that the spa is an acronym for “salus per aquae” or “health through water” . It comes from Latin. Others hold a view that spa is firstly put forward in the Belgian town which is considered as the town of spa. It got its popularity in Roman times for its bath industry. With its huge fame, sap became synonymous in English which refers to a place to be restored.

As time goes on, spa is becoming more and more diversified. However, it never loses its roots. Based on the idea of healing power of mineral water or hot springs, people come to the place and take the water to get a healthy body.

It may trace back to the Babylonians and Greeks times. The bathing in hot spring were prevailed. In the 19th century, only wealthy people have the chance to go to the place for the water. Even now water is still an essential part of sap experience in European countries. In America, massages and facials are mostly welcomed by the people.


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